PSP has a storied and proud history.  It has negotiated over $1 billion dollars in professional sports contracts since its inception in 1989 by representing some of the top professional athletes in the world. Yet, I am very excited about where we are today.  We have helped our clients become financially secure on the field and court as well as become excellent role models and businessmen.

When we represent professional athletes, we look to their future.  We work hard to assure that PSP clients not only receive excellent contracts while playing, but that their future is financially secured.  A little known, but tragic, commentary on this industry is that more than fifty percent of all athletes retire from professional sports bankrupt.  Yet, when it comes to PSP athletes, we, as their advisors, are committed to helping them enjoy their life after they retire from playing their professional sport.

PSP knows and understands the professional sports business. We are experienced negotiators, having structured contracts which have been described as “the best and most creative in sports history.”

Beyond negotiating contracts, it is important to us that our relationship with our clients is based upon trust, mutual respect, honesty and integrity.  We have become our client’s friends, confidants, and, in essence, their extended family members.  Outstanding athletes like Charles Woodson, Michael Redd, Julian Peterson, and Ty Law chose PSP because having representation they can trust and depend upon was very important to them.  They wanted business and legal representatives who care about them as people as well as athletes.

Our Vision

Our vision at PSP is to be recognized as the foremost authority on negotiating the best and most creative contracts for our clientele.
We, at PSP, will develop an even greater company by enabling PSP clients, those active and retired, to realize their full potential both on and off the playing field or court.

Lastly, on a long term basis, PSP clients will be remembered not only for their celebrated sports careers, but for the men that they have become because of their great character, integrity, and philanthropic efforts.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make a global difference by providing excellent service to professional athletes by negotiating their contracts and in the building of great men through character, integrity, and lifestyle.